Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leviticus 13:47-15:33

...continued regulations...

Mildew - basically...if it is spreading , burn it. if it doesn't come clean with washing, burn it. if it reappears, burn it. 

Cleansing from Infectious Skin Diseases - the priest performs a ceremony then on the seventh day the person must wash his clothes, shave all the hair off their body and bathe in water. On the eighth day. offerings are made at the Tent of Meeting.  Some of the blood from the offering is placed on the right earlobe, thumb and big toe of the person being cleansed.  Reminds me of when Aaron and the priests were consecrated initially.  The same is done with oil.  The reminder of the oil is poured over the person's head for atonement. There are adaptations for those that can't afford the required offering.

Cleansing from Mildew - the house gets emptied.  the priest inspects it.  if it is a spreading mildew, the stones and plaster are replaced.  If this works, then the house is declared clean.  If it is still unclean, it must be torn down and removed away from town.  Of course once everything is said and done, there are blessings to be performed. 

Discharges causing uncleanliness - (hey - I didn't make this stuff up!)  if thee is anything come out of you, you are unclean.  Anything you touch is unclean.  You have to be cleaned. Wait 7 days and wash clothes and body.  Make a sacrifice (good thing there was plenty of livestock!) Some situations are only unclean until evening, All involve cleaning clothing, linen and bathing. 

Wonder if this is where "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" comes from.  



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