Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Knowing God - Psalm 103:13


‘As a father has
compassion on his children,
so the Lord has compassion
on those who fear him.’
Psalm 103:13
God is like a father. It’s a good analogy. But not for everybody. Sin has a way of destroying God’s intent. For example, some people simply don’t have good fathers, and their earthly pattern of abandonment and abuse make it hard for some people to joyfully pray "Our Father who art in heaven."
Most of us, however, can look around and find a good enough model of human compassion and discover a glimpse of God. But if you want to catch the best glimpse, look to Jesus and his relationship with the One he called his Father.
The hallmark of this relationship was two things.
The first was time. Even though God was "up in heaven," Jesus’ regularly spent hours with his Father.
The second was trust. It seems to be a child’s natural habit to push the boundaries and rebel — at least occasionally. But Jesus opted for trust. Even when the Father’s mission would lead the Son to the cross, the Son chose obedience and trust.
In what ways — earthly and heavenly — can you devote a little time and trust to your father/Father today.
In Christ’s Love,
an imperfect guy who nevertheless
wants to try to give his kids
a picture of a bigger Father

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