Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Leviticus 23:3

Six days shall work be done;
but the seventh day is a sabbath
of complete rest, a holy convocation;
you shall do no work:
Leviticus 23:3
Don't you just love holidays?
It's a day to slow down ... find a new routine ... spend time with family ... and break bread with people you love.
The whole 23rd chapter of Leviticus is God's invitation to slow down ... find a new routine ... spend time with family ... and break bread with people you love.
But notice how he starts. He invites us to do that every week!
The Sabbath is a slow down. It is a regular, one-day-a-week, new routine. God crafted it to be spent with family. It was designed around breaking bread with people you love.
It was also designed to be a "holy convocation." God wants to be part of our routine, part of our life.
The question is: How do you use your Sabbath?
In Christ's Love,
a guy who feels both captivated
and guilty by the call to Sabbath
Although Sunday is our designated day of rest ... we don't use it as such. We rush in the mornings to get to church, rush somewhere to lunch, rush home for a couple of hours before rushing to evening activities. Always so busy! How do we turn it into a true Sabbath?

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