Friday, March 25, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Joshua 3:15-16

when those who bore the ark had come to the Jordan,
and the feet of the priests bearing the ark
were dipped in the edge of the water,
the waters flowing from above stood still,
rising up in a single heap ...
Joshua 3:15-16
Last night (Tuesday), I was with our church's friend, Pastor Reggie Hansome, from Living Waters Church. We'd just finished having dinner with some young ministers. And as we left the gathering, Reggie tried to turn his car around on a narrow road with steep ditches on either side. He said, "I hope I don't get stuck."
I said, "Don't worry. Didn't you hear those young ministers? They were talking about doing P90X -- the newest work-out craze. If we fall in, we can just get the young priests to lift your little car out of the ditch!"
When I was saying that, I didn't realize that these young ministers were like the priests in the days of Joshua. Here's the quick story ...
The time had finally come!
It was time for Israel to cross the Jordan River!
But ... there were three big problems:
  1. It was flood time and the Jordan River, says scripture, was overflowing it's banks.
  2. God would not stop the flow of the river until the Israelites, led by their priests, stepped into the flood.
  3. The priests were carrying a ton of metal called the Ark of the Covenant
Think about it ... The water was deep. The bottom of the Jordan was probably very slippery -- and I say that from recent experience. And the priests were carrying an Ark as big as Pastor Reggie's car!!!
But ... you know ... sometimes, that's the way God works! Before he can bless you, you have to step out in faith.
What are you holding back on? Do you think it's time to step out?
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's only carried a Volkswagon
when it's the size of a Matchbox
(it's time to dream bigger!)  
 Yesterday I mentioned that crossing the Jordan takes faith, trust and obedience.  
Today, they are showing all three. And God honored them by stopping a flooding river in it's tracks and holding back the water.  
I used to live in southeast Missouri and the Mississippi River is still a very real lifeline for many there.  However, when this might river floods, it is very dangerous. Imagine crossing this river during floodstage when the currents are stronger, the water muddier, the obstacles greater and harder to see.  I wouldn't want to do it. Especially with the Ark on my shoulders. What if I was the one who dropped my corner.  
But all they had to do was trust that God knew what he was doing. Exhibit faith in him and obey. The moment they 'dipped their feet' in the water, God held it back.  Not ankle deep. Not knee deep. God didn't wait to see if they meant it. He didn't wait to see if they were totally committed.  It was immediate! 
Faith the size of a mustard seed. Or the size of a pinky toe nail.  And God honors the obedience. 
Are you ready to step in the water? Just taking the first step will reveal amazing things!

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