Sunday, May 01, 2011

Convo with Pastor - 2 Samuel 11:1

In the spring of the year,
when kings normally go out to war ...
David stayed behind in Jerusalem.
2 Samuel 11:1
This verse begins the darkest chapter in King David's life -- his affair with Bathsheba.
But before we get into that, notice how it begins:
  • David had somewhere he was "supposed" to be.
  • But he was, instead, where he wasn't supposed to be.
  • And he got into trouble as a result.
Has that ever been your story?! (Yeah, yeah, I know, it's all of our stories, isn't it?)
Where do you know you're supposed to be more frequently right now in life? And where do you know you need to stay away from?
In Christ's Love,
a guy who needs to
stay away from the
Where am I supposed to be more frequently?
- in the Word.  Not gaining more knowledge, but letting my heart really absorb it.
- in prayer. But I am still fearful of doing it wrong. Saying something wrong.
- listening to God.

Where do I need to stay away from?
- places / situations that are dark, remind me of the past
- people that do not support my true identity (when possible)
- the habits, thoughts, etc. that invite the darkness in like an old friend

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