Saturday, June 25, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Acts 15:8 - speaks TO us

God ... testified to them
by giving them the Holy Spirit
Acts 15:8
I've often asked people if they know the mathematical formula for salvation. (Did you know you can boil salvation down to mathematics?!).
I base this formula on Romans 3 -- "We are justified by God's grace ... effective through our faith ... apart from the works of the law." Do you see the formula?
J + G + F + W = S
  • (J)ustification + (G)race + (F)aith + (W)orks = (S)alvation, right?
  • Now, (W)orks = Zero, because Paul tells us that it's God's (G)race "apart from our (W)orks that save us.
  • Thus it's really, J + G + F = S
  • Now, who does (J), the justification? God! Therefore, (J)ustification is a given.
  • And who does (G)race? God! Therefore, (G)race is a given.
  • Therefore, I like to ask, what then is the only variable in this formula of salvation? (F)aith, right?
  • And who is (F)aith up to? Us, right? And that's true. We do need to say, "yes." 
  • But we must not forget that God is constantly working to weave (f)aith into our hearts.
To weave faith into our hearts, God woo's us and wow's us. He's ahead of us on our journey, beckoning us down paths of faith. He intervenes in our circumstances and whispers our name. And as today's lesson clearly says, God speaks to us -- "he testifies by giving [us] the Holy Spirit." 
Yes, we may have to eventually say, "Yes." But God is also speaking faith and hope and possibility into our hearts. And that's all before we ever know him.
Then once we believe, he speaks courage, blessing, challenge, peace, and so much more.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who always needs to remember
to keep tuning in 
I love math. I especially loved geometry with it's theorems and proofs.

The only variable in the equation is faith. True we have to say yes to faith - even just a speck of it makes the equation work. But as I am learning ... faith is not so much about accepting Christ and believing God.  It is also about realizing that we need him. Apart from him we are nothing. We can do nothing. We are essentially the walking dead.

Faith is the element that makes the equation complete. Our acceptance of the free gift God is giving us. Our knowledge that we need him. Because as I have also learned
M + G = > E  
(M)e + (G)od = greater than (e)verything

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