Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Knowing God - Matthew 5:44


But I say to you,
Love your enemies and
pray for those who persecute you
Matthew 5:44
Today's devotion is simple: Who's your enemy?
Few of us are in a literal war. But most of us have been offended. We've been belittled, abused, and stabbed in the back? Who's your greatest enemy?
Life's a battle. But Jesus has given to us the one and only way to be at peace: forgiveness.
Now, when a person's an enemy -- and I know, I know, it's always their fault -- forgiveness is very hard. So Jesus gives us a first and powerful step: "Pray for th[em]."
Praying -- one day at a time -- probably won't bring that wall of division down in one fell swoop. Nevertheless -- one prayer at a time -- we're removing bricks. Soon that wall is not so imposing. Soon that divide is not so vast. Soon God's call to love is looking more possible. And soon life is more peaceful.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who knows
that Christmas is better
with fewer walls
If forgiveness is the only way to peace, then I don't know if I will ever have peace.  I am my own worst enemy. That is a wall that will not come down easily - if at all.

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