Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knowing God - Hosea 2:15


I will return her vineyards to her
and transform the Valley of Trouble
into a door of hope.
Hosea 2:15
I love that image of a door of hope.
And it makes me think of those gameshows I watched as a kid. Do you remember contestants having to choose between what was behind door number 1, door number 2, or door number 3?
Behind one of the doors were plane tickets to Bermuda and an all-expense paid vacation. Behind the second door was a year's supply of Rice-a-Roni. And behind the third and final door would be something as worthless as a bale of straw.
In life we have a choice. And most people keep choosing between doors 2 and 3. Those are our worldly options. We constantly have to choose between somewhat tasty (Rice-r-oni) and basically meaningless (straw). Think about it, that's all the world really has to offer -- temporary taste or eternal waste.
God holds open another door -- the door of hope.
While we live down here on this earth, hope is what transforms the temporary into eternal, the apathy into purpose, and the waste into hope.
And in the end, faith promises us another door of hope -- an eternal vacation, all expenses paid by Christ on the cross. 
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's already won
an all-expense paid trip
(is it time to start wearing
my Bermuda shorts?)
We don't use our front door in our house. We enter and exit through the garage.  Today my car was in the shop and I ended up having to get a rental.  I realized I did not have the garage door opener (we have a system in our car that we program the garage door opener into).  As I was driving home, I was worried that I didn't have a key to the front door. In the 17 months we've lived here I have never used the key in the front door.  99% of the time, our storm door is also locked.  I knew I didn't have that key.  I was also fighting a migraine and nausea from some new medication.  It was just a topper to my day.  We got home and the storm door was not locked. My key did work in both the knob and bolt.  We made it inside to get ready for 'nastics and scouts.  My head was still pounding and I was still slightly dizzy and nauseous, but the door opened.

When I started writing this a few moments and sentences ago, I was prepared to talk about how not all doors open, you don't have a key, it sticks, etc.  But that isn't what flowed from my fingers.  Instead it was about worry and fear of not being able to unlock and open the door and in the end, I could. I think I need to process this a bit in my migraine riddled mind.

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