Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday in China

This morning we were up and ready to go ... but Yvonne and Susie were dragging a bit!  We loaded up in the van and headed off on an adventure to Susie's hometown (Chengde?).  We visited a very small orphanage with about 29 kids in it. To get there we took a very narrow street that did not fit two cars at a time. It was an experience seeing how people live so close. 

There were several kids there who had their palates repaired during the October trip and the surgeons did a beautiful job!  Some of the kids were scared by us and some came to us with open arms to be picked up.  The assistant director was wonderful and even served us tea. 

We ate lunch at a 'Western' restaurant and then went to a local museum that explained the relationship between Taiwan and Fujian Province. There is a very long history here. We did some shopping here as well. Yvonne and I cooled off in the water out front. The assistant director was our tour guide in the museum and elicited a lot of laughs despite the language barrier. 

We visited a tea shop and had more tea. Your cup is never empty! After making some purchases at the tea shop, a couple of us wandered down the sidewalk. I love the brooms in China and found a store selling them. I was able to purchase three for 4rmb (less than 20 cents each.)  

For dinner we had dumplings. YUM!! We are all tired and plan on sleeping on the plane tomorrow. 



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