Monday, March 14, 2011

The Chasm by Randy Alcorn

 The Chasm by Randy Alcorn is a surprisingly thin book, but he packs an amazing story into those 109 pages (plus a few extra for insightful discussion questions). The books tells about a journey Nick Seagrave, an average American businessman, is on to get to Charis.  It wasn't until I started reading that I realized this was an allegorical story and not your typical work of fiction.

Nick has a choice of a red road and many gray roads. Along the way he sees his life as it really was ... the fact that actions he thought no one else knew about really hurt his family to the core, the battles between good and evil that waged around him daily, the seemingly elusive search for truth.  This quote sums up how many people feel when searching for truth and satisfaction in places other than Christ, "I moved from place to place, indulging more and more, satisfied less and less. Still I came back for more." 

Nick continues on his journey and eventually realizes that the red road will lead him to his desired destination, but it isn't easy to travel either.  He finally meets the "Woodsman" who offers him passage across the immense chasm. This is such and incredible illustration of grace. Nick offers weak arguments to the Woodsman, but is told, "You don't have to understand. But in order to cross the chasm, you have to trust me. ... I am sure that what you can do will never be enough."

Nick then talks about not deserving what the Woodsman is giving him. The Woodsman replies, "Of course you don't. If you deserved it, you wouldn't need it. And I wouldn't have had to die to give it to you."

This book would be excellent for Christians young and old. Even seekers may find some answers in it. The illustrations are beautiful as well.

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"



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