Thursday, May 12, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Psalm 61:2-3

Lead me to the
towering rock of safety,
for you are my safe refuge.
Psalm 61:2-3
History is filled with stories of kings and armies building fortresses on mountain tops.
It's a great strategy. Even if the enemy can climb the torturous trail upward, those on higher ground can simply go bowling, rolling boulders down the hill to topple the invaders and wipe them out.
Therefore, as David calls God his towering rock of safety, it's helpful to reflect on what ways you and I trust in God for our sure protection!
But ...
... there's one big problem, militarily, with mountain top fortresses: What if the enemy surrounds you and tries to starve you out?! That happened plenty in history too. Patient armies just let their enemies hunger and thirst and rot and ... either surrender or die.
The rock of our salvation is different! We need not thirst because from the throne of God flows the river of life. Furthermore, the Lord our Provider calls himself the bread of life. When our desires are met in him, we need never go hungry.
This, therefore, is the true way to survive the trials of live. To run to God for refuge ... and to quit feasting on the things of this world. He's all we'll ever need.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who plays better offense,
in games like chess, than defense.
(I act boldly but leave the back side unprotected.
But God's got my back ... if I let him be my refuge
and feast only on him.)
I picture a large rock with an indention in it. A cleft. God can safely tuck us in there to be our refuge. Safe from enemies. Safe from weather. Safe. Our back is to the rock, it curls around our sides. God is the lookout in front of us and keeps us safe.

That is how my towering rock of safety is pictured in my mind.  What's yours?

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