Monday, February 22, 2010

Too hard???

A dear one told me recently that I was too hard on myself.  Another told me that I need to give myself more credit.

Are they right?

If I'm not tough on myself, who will be?  The way I learned (was taught/raised) - you have to keep trying ... someone is always better. There's always room for improvement. Good enough is not acceptable.  I know these thoughts/ideas/beliefs are very deeply rooted from a lifetime of 'not being good enough.'  In school and 'A' wasn't good enough.  Perfect was the only acceptable option.

I am not perfect.  There was only one perfect human who ever walked on earth.  And I am not him!!  I guess my next task is to learn to accept me for me.  Love the me that God formed, created and is still shaping.  Forgive myself for being human with all the flaws that come with humaness.  Be gentle with myself.  All very difficult things to do...

I am trying to close the gap between my head/knowledge and my heart/belief.  There are times when the gap seems endlessly long.  Can it be closed?



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