Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A Tale of Two Women

Two Women ... both very different ... yet both very influential in my life.

One was a southern lady. She taught me hospitality and how to say "Yes Ma'am" (although I rarely do these days.)  She taught me to play Yahtzee, sew on plastic canvas and always took me lunch at Morrison's Cafeteria after church on Sunday.  Her bible and Sunday school lesson were always near the kitchen table where she worked on her lesson.  Every holiday was a time for family dinners on the fine china with the crystal glasses and lots of talking and laughter around the table. 

The other was a country gal to the core.  She gave me a sense of adventure and humor.  Taking me on trips all over the country.  She also taught me how to potty in the woods, play Uno all night long and how to make bread in a jar.  She was always praying and telling me how thankful and blessed she was ... even when dying of cancer.  She knew God was good and was certain she'd be seeing him in the near future.

These women were my grandmothers.  Mema and Granny.  When they were living, I knew without a doubt that someone was praying for me every single day.  Now ... I'm not so sure.  But I do know one thing for certain - I will see them again one day because they helped show me the love of Christ - and that was the most important gift they gave me. 



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