Saturday, October 02, 2010

Know God - Galatians 2:19


For through the law I died to the law
so that I might live for God.
Galatians 2:19
What if someone said to you in anger, "You're dead to me!", what would they mean? They'd be saying that they're not going to have anything to do with you anymore.
That's what Paul is saying about the law! "Law and legalism and legalistic pride, you're dead to me!!!"
It's not that he's giving up and is going to be an unrighteous and unholy jerk; it's that his futile attempts at perfection aren't going to define his faith and his character.
Let's try another translation -- New Living -- that says this a little more clearly. Paul says,
When I tried to keep the law, I realized I could never earn God's approval. So I died to the law[making futile attempts at perfection the center of my life] so that I might live for God [making him the center of my life].
Paul goes on to say ...
I have been crucified with Christ. [In other words, after confessing my sin and my inability to be perfect, I have nailed my heart, soul, strength, and mind to the cross. I have died to myself and my ability to be perfect.] [Therefore,] I myself no longer live, [rather] Christ lives in me. 
In Christ's Love,
call me Jesus
(not because I'm perfect or presumptuous
but because Christ lives in me)
I am a rule follower and perfectionist.  This devo hits hard.  Not doing what I am supposed to do or what is expected of me makes me feel like a failure.  One of the (many) things I am learning these days is how to trust God. Make him the center of my life. Live for him.

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