Sunday, October 10, 2010

Knowing God - Psalm 138:2


I bow down toward your holy temple
... for you have glorified your name
and your word above everything.
Psalm 138:2
Question 1: Do you bow down before God? Do you humble your heart and submit every inclination to his authority?
Question 2: If you do -- or want to -- what is it about God that bends your heart?
Answer: You could pick scores of great answers to what bends your heart and knees -- God's love, mercy, and grace, for example. But today's lesson adds two more ...
1) Above of all things is God's Word -- which means both the holy scriptures and God's faithfulness in keeping his promises (i.e. he gives his word).
2) He has "glorified his own name." Whenever you look at the vastness of the night sky, the detail in a fingerprint, the smile of a baby, and the love of the cross -- and say, "Wow!" -- God's name has been gloried!!!
In Christ's Love,
a guy who wants to be more flexible
(Lord, help me bend toward you!)
I love studying scripture ... God's word ... in fact, I dream of taking Greek and Hebrew so I can more fully understand scripture.  That helps bend me toward God.

And nature ... the amazing wonder of God's creation.  his sense of humor.  the penguin - a waddling flightless bird, the platypus - just makes you smile, the Grand Canyon, leaves changing colors - the gingko tree where all the leaves change to bright yellow and drop all at once, the workings of the human body ... all glorify God's name.

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