Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knowing God - Acts 2:13

But others sneered and said,
"They are filled with new wine."
Acts 2:13
The first time that "new" is mentioned in the book of Acts comes on Pentecost day. The Holy Spirit filled -- transformed -- the disciples. And the world sneered.
Here are two simple New Year's resolutions:
  • Pray that you may be filled with the Holy Spirit! How? Turn away from sin (confession). Turn toward God (obedience). Pray for his indwelling. And then don't fight it! Indeed, yield your whole life to the Spirit's movement and direction.
  • Quit caring what the world says. That was part two of the Pentecost power that the disciples discovered. Before the breathe of the Spirit, they were hiding. Jesus had just been killed, they were afraid they might be next, therefore, they hid. But when the Spirit came, they quit worrying about what the world might say or do. The world called them drunk. The world might call us overzealous. Who cares?! What if our New Year's Resolution was to have an audience of One?!
So ... where to start? What's your sticking point in the progression of discovering the Spirit's power?
  1. Sins to be confessed?
  2. Obeying God's commands and promptings?
  3. Actually, literally, asking to be filled?
  4. Yielding your whole life to God's leading -- rather than holding something back and fighting it.
  5. Going all in ... and not caring what the world might say, think, or do?!
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's power-hungry!
Sticking points:
1. There are always sins to be confessed.  What about forgiving? If I can't forgive God then should I keep searching?

2. How do you distinguish between God's promptings and lies when the lies are so much louder?

3. My 'cup' has been dust dry this year. I have asked over and over to be filled. And have either been ignored or when a little was poured in it quickly leaked out through the many cracks.

4. Yielding to God's leading? And have him break a promise and my heart again?

5. Going all in? (see #4) That requires a trust I do not have.

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