Tuesday, December 28, 2010


(SOJ Outdoor Sanctuary)
I love snow.  
Anyone who knows me knows that I much prefer a very snowy winter to any island beach in the world! My dream trip is a cruise to Antarctica.  

It started snowing on Christmas evening and by the next morning, everything was covered in a blanket of white.  It looked so clean. fresh. inviting. 

I know that the bible talks about making us white as snow.  But that pure whiteness is so fleeting. Snow gets marred and dirty so quickly. Animal tracks, cars stirring up dirt, people scooping up patching to make a snowman, fort or snowballs for an epic battle.  

I remember learning that a snowflake was ice crystals formed around a grain of dirt.  Something so beautiful. clean. pure. Made from dirt.  

As I was looking out at the beautiful scene from my window, I wished my life could easily look like that. cover up all the yuck and show only beauty. But then I was reminded of how much yuck there is and the fact that things are often nastier during the melt and realized that I only what the cover if it was permanent. 

I still love snow though and am ready for more!



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