Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday - China to Charlotte

What a LONG day!!! Nothing like traveling half way around the world for over 24 hours to wear a person out!   We left our hotel at 5am China time (4pm Sat. afternoon in NC).  We managed to get some shopping in both the Xiamen and Beijing airports!  

On the way to the airport we saw some fireworks - China's way of saying Zai Jian to us.  

It was snowing in Beijing ... another great send off since I love snow! (and it was snowing when we left NYC)  We did enjoy shopping at the airport.  I got several Christmas presents.  The flight was crowded and noisy, but that didn't stop me from sleeping for 6 hours.  Thankfully I was able to lean on the window. My poor ankles are so swollen!!  

We made it through customs and immigrations without problems and said our goodbyes to each other.  We met as strangers a week ago at JFK and go our separate ways as friends.  We are all connected by the little ones we saw and held and loved on for the past week and the teachers we helped train. 

I am looking forward to returning one day!



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