Monday, March 28, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Joshua 13:1, 6

When Joshua was an old man,
the LORD said to him,
"You are growing old, and
much land remains to be conquered. ...
I will drive these people out of
the land for the Israelites."
Joshua 13:1,6
I think it was important that Joshua was growing old. Why? So Israel would notice the frailties of the elderly man and would attribute their victories to God rather than any human.
When things go right, human beings always like to assume credit.
The ever-present temptation is to put ourselves on the throne. And if you doubt that, read the verses that lead into today's lesson: "These are the kings Israel defeated:
The king of Jericho
The king of Ai, near Bethel 
The king of Jerusalem
The king of Hebron 
The king of Jarmuth
The king of Lachish 
The king of Eglon
The king of Gezer 
The king of Debir
The king of Geder 
The king of Hormah
The king of Arad 
The king of Libnah
The king of Adullam 
The king of Makkedah
The king of Bethel 
The king of Tappuah
The king of Hepher 
The king of Aphek
The king of Lasharon 
The king of Madon
The king of Hazor 
The king of Shimron-meron
The king of Acshaph 
The king of Taanach
The king of Megiddo 
The king of Kedesh
The king of Jokneam in Carmel 
The king of Dor in the city of Naphoth-dor
The king of Goyim in Gilgal 
The king of Tirzah.
In all, thirty-one kings and
their cities were destroyed."
Joshua 12:8-14
When we think of kings, we think of monarchs ruling over huge empires. These guys were mayors of mostly middling cities. But it just goes to show you that we like to think of ourselves on the throne.
In fact, read the first line of that quote and compare it to the truth from our verse for today: "These are the kings that who defeated"? We like to sit on the throne. We like to claim responsibility for successes. It was and is God who is victorious. And our strength comes from partnering with him.
In Christ's Love,
a weak man who knows how to be strong
(and the only thing I need to exercise is my faith)
From that verse, I get the sense of God taking care of Joshua.  You are growing old so I will drive the people out.  Joshua is getting older and weaker, yet God is taking care of him. God will make sure the Israelites are safe and secure so Joshua can be at peace.  

Likewise, God takes care of us. He knows just how weak we are and just what we need. If we rely on him, he will take care of us ... in every imaginable way.

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