Friday, May 13, 2011

Convo with Pastor - 2 Samuel 19:2

\the joy of that day's victory
was turned into deep sadness.
2 Samuel 19:2
"Victory" and "sadness" are usually opposite sides of the same coin.
Usually as someone exults ... someone else mourns.
In the middle chapters of 2 Samuel, David becomes estranged from one his sons, Absalom. Like many of us parents, David had an absolute right to be offended by some of his son's actions. And for peace in the family, David attempted a reconciliation. But David's heart wasn't really into the reconciliation. Outwardly, David proclaimed reconciliation; but in private he absolutely shunned Absalom. 
And that created a new and deeper distance. Kids sin frequently, and it's the parent's privilege -- or not -- to welcome the prodigal home. David deepened the wound, adding shunning to sin. And the result was rebellion -- not a stereotypical teenage rebellion, but a literal rebellion. Absalom aligned with some of David's generals and tried to overthrow the king. David had to flee from his own son. It was exile and heartache and battle ... and eventually death ... 
Absalom's death.
And "as the troops heard of the king's deep grief for his son, the joy of that day's victory was turned into deep sadness." 
Victory and sadness are opposite sides of the same coin. And we can often grow in heart and empathy when we take time to understand the perspective of others.
And "the others" include ... our own kids ... and our own family members ... and our own co-workers. They will sin. They will fall short of God's glorious standard -- and they will fall short of your personal standard. The only question is: Will you breed reconciliation ... or more rebellion?Righteousness ... or revenge? Ruthlessness ... or release?
In Christ's Love,
a guy who prefers resurrection
... sadness turning to victory
One of the most pivotal moments in my life was one that started out as a seeming victory - supposed to be the ultimate joyous event and it turned into heart-wrenching sadness.

And more recently - in political events: the killing of Bin Laden. A victory for many. This man who ordered so many evil events for something he believed so strongly in ... at one point he had a mother who loved him and kissed him goodnight. He has people who cared about him and the victory for one side was deep sadness for others.  It is a true conflict of emotions.

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