Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leviticus 26:1-27:34

Obedience.  It has been on my mind a lot lately.  How if we really want to show God how much we love him, we will be obedient to him.  Somewhere I read recently said, "Sacrifice does not always require obedience, but obedience always requires sacrifice."

The passages today talk about the rewards for obedience.  It does pay to obey!!! Here is the ultimate reward for obedience: 26:11-12 "I will put my dwelling place among you, and I will not abhor you. I will walk among you and be your God, and you will be my people."

However, there is punishment for disobedience.  26:19 "I will break down your stubborn pride and make the sky above you like iron and the ground beneath you like bronze." How often do we all need out stubborn pride broken? The chapter goes on to detail how punishment will be dealt for disobedience.

But ther is still hope. 11:44 "Yet in spite of this, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them or abhor them so as to destroy them completely, breaking my covenant with them. I am the LORD their God. 45 But for their sake I will remember the covenant with their ancestors whom I brought out of Egypt in the sight of the nations to be their God. I am the Lord.' "

Redeeming what is the Lords.  This basically set a value on people and what must be tithed.  I don't fully understand it.  But I do know that Christ is the ultimate redeemer.  He died for us. Paid our price.  So even if I don't understand it, I really don't need to.



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