Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knowing God - Revelation 15:3

(from Pastor)

Just and true are your ways,
King of the ages.
Revelation 15:3
What does "true" mean to you?
In this passage, I read "true" in terms of aiming an arrow. Therefore, I must wonder if the flight of my arrow -- and the trajectory of my life -- are on-target, accurate, and true.
Consequently, if I want to hit the bulls-eye, I need to say, "O God, the direction of my life needs to aim in your direction" because I truly believe God that has a way, a path, a preferred course for my life ... and yours. The question is, Is my aim true?
In Christ's Love
a guy who's lousy enough at archery
to be seriously concerned with
my ability to aim
It doesn't take much to get off course.  Even a scant 3 degrees will initially look like you are on course, but as you continue, you get further and further off course.   When I was learning to fly, we had 'true' headings.  These were directions that you had to stick to to stay on course.  

One day as I was flying a 'cross country,' I didn't stay on my true heading and ended up over restricted air space with a couple of F15s (16s?) buzzing near me as a warning. (this was pre 9/11/01)  I was scared.  My instructor took over, explained what happened on the radio and got us back on course.  I was pretty shaken, but managed to finish the trip. 

Much like our walk with God.  It doesn't take much to get off course.  But He is still there and he will gracefully, mercifully, steer us back to where we need to be.  Especially if we ask.

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