Monday, November 08, 2010

Knowing God - Deuteronomy 8:3


Father God, you are the powerful provider. Answer the prayers of my heart
for comfort, healing, or daily bread ... for me and those I love.
Pray passionately for the needs around you today.
He humbled you by letting you hunger,
then by feeding you with manna ...
in order to make you understand
that one does not live by bread alone,
but by every word that
comes from the mouth of the Lord.
Deuteronomy 8:3
God is a powerful provider. When a million Israelites started their trek across the desert, God made water pour from a rock and bread rain from the sky.
That's spectacular! But it shouldn't be surprising. If the Lord God Almighty can create the universe and breathe life into dust, he can surely stir up a little bread.
What caught me up short today, however, was the first phrase. I don't think I ever noticed before that scripture said that "[God] humbled you by letting you hunger."
Most of the world has always been a little humbled.
A vast percentage of human hours throughout the generations has been spent gathering, growing, and preserving enough food for the day and to make it through the winter.
It's only been in recent generations and only in a handful of countries that more time and money has been spent on luxuries rather than necessities. Recent generations in America have been part of the "privileged" few. Until lately. Lately, many Americans have been humbled. And maybe it's you who's wondered and worried where the next mortgage payment or grocery cash would come from.
I pray that your financial situation -- and your worries -- haven't been too frightening. Nevertheless, I pray that all of us might be humbled. Humbled enough to know that life and hope and joy don't come from a paycheck. Humbled enough to turn more fully to the Source of Life and the Word of Life for sustanence, truth, and direction. Humbled enough to remember Day 1's invitation: Let us start on our knees.
In Christ's Love
a guy who's faith story began
when he was unemployed,
then underemployed,
and humbled   
Been there,
done that,
and more alive for it. 
I recently heard some stats that the top 10% wealthiest people in the world are classified as having clothing, food, shelter - daily.  The top 1% also have a computer.  Yet we take it for granted.  God has blessed us ... but we don't bless others enough.

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