Monday, January 24, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Genesis 28:12

And [Jacob] dreamed that
there was a ladder set up on the earth,
the top of it reaching to heaven;
and the angels of God were
ascending and descending on it.
Genesis 28:12
In my head, I always picture this scene as "Jacob's Ladder."
Some translations render it as a "stairway ... to heaven" (NLT), surely reminding some of the legendary rock-n-roll anthem.
Perhaps a better image than either a ladder or stairway is the Cross of Christ! Jesus himself hinted at this truth in John 1. Jesus drew Nathanael into his circle of disciples by speaking prophetically," but then he said, 
"50 Do you believe because I told you
that I saw you under the fig tree?
You will see greater things than these.
51 You will see heaven opened and
the angels of God ascending and
descending upon the Son of Man."
Jesus is the link between heaven and earth -- not a ladder, not a staircase, and only the cross symbolically.
The same truth, though, is proclaimed in both Genesis and John: A link between heaven and earth has been established by God. He wants a relationship with Jacob. He wants a relationship with Nathanael. He wants a relationship with you.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's ridden a skylift to Purgatory (a ski hill)
but finds more purpose on the stairway to heaven
I wish ... I wish I could go to heaven to see my son and others. I wish there was a true tangible stairway, escalator, ski lift to heaven so we could make sure they were ok. To get a glimpse of what we are supposed to be striving for. I wish God would be as real to us now as he was them. As tangible.  I wish someone would grab my hand, hang on and make sure I know without a doubt that heaven will wait. That Luke is wonderful. That Jesus cares.

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