Monday, January 17, 2011

convo with Pastor - Job 40:1-4

the Lord said to Job:
Shall the faultfinder
contend with the Almighty? ...
Then Job answered the Lord,
"I lay my hand on my mouth."
Job 40:1-4
Have you ever blurted out anything so rude, outrageous, or hurtful that you tried to grab it with your hand and stuff it back in your mouth?!
We're left there with red cheeks and our palm over our lips.
It's so much easier to find fault and criticize than it is to look for truth or achieve viable alternatives. Most critics would do better to keep their hands over their lips. Or maybe they'd do better lending a hand and being part of a good solution.
After thirty-nine chapters of human "wisdom" -- read, "human foolishness" -- God speaks out of the whirlwind and Job puts his palm over his flapping gums.
And when his mouth quits moving, his ears start listening and his heart starts believing again.
Elijah once encountered God in the sheer silence and a still small voice. I wonder if his hand was over his mouth allowing him to do so!
In Christ's Love,
a guy who too often
looks like a cartoon character --
big mouth, little ears 
There are times when my hand is over my mouth to keep me from saying something and then I am told to "Bring it into the light." Words have power - spoken and unspoken.

All too often we humans tend to talk to much and not listen enough. Maybe we should walk around with our hands over our mouths more often ... that would prevent us from inserting our foot into our mouths!

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Speak gently. carefully. thoughtfully. graciously. humbly.

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