Sunday, May 15, 2011

Potty Prayers

Yesterday I woke up grumpy - and I don't mean everyone's favorite dwarf - I was so crabby from the moment the alarm went off that I was wishing I could go back and start over with more sleep.

It was one of my rare days to work and my morning routine was not falling into place like it normally does.  The kids needed agendas signed. The blind dog was literally between my legs and underfoot. The hot water in the shower was extra inviting. I was stuck behind a dump truck. Then a garbage truck. Then a school bus on the way to work. Work was one hurry-up after another.  But I managed to leave on time.

After hurrying home to change clothes for a meeting [and falling asleep for 30 minutes when I only wanted to read a chapter of my book], meeting the others riding with me, having an additional meeting in the car on the way to Concord - about an hour away - I was a bit frazzled.  And still grumpy.

As soon as I arrived, I was pulled aside and given news I had expected, but yet was still disappointed to hear.  I was informed that a job I had applied for [and afterwards highly suspected NOT to get due to many factors out of my control] was indeed offered to someone else.

I made it through most of the next 3 hours without letting the tears that were building flow.  We closed the meeting with communion and sharing the peace. I couldn't control the tears anymore.  So I retreated to the one place every Mom knows she can have some privacy and peace ... the restroom.

I sat there on the potty in this church restroom praying - no, pleading - to God to dry up the tears. Remove the silly disappointment. Give me calm.  And show me what's next. Well, there on that potty he dried up the tears and gave me calm. Enough that I could return to face people.  The disappointment is still there and I have no idea about what's next.

This isn't the first time I have retreated to the safety of the potty to pray. It is a quiet place with solitude. No interruptions [most of the time!] No distractions to steal your attention from God. Those four metal walls with the 18 inch space at the bottom can feel like the safest place on earth ... and the holiest ... in times of distress.

What have been times you've used potty prayers?



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