Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knowing God - Isaiah 28:29

the LORD of hosts ...
is wonderful in counsel
Isaiah 28:29
Our music leader at church, Ian Faires, is also a school band director.
He teaches the same kids from sixth grade to twelfth grade.
As sixth graders, his students are new to their instruments and only rarely do their notes vibrate in harmony with the composer's intent. For his juniors and seniors it is a very different -- and very wonderful -- story. Through years and attention and practice, these students are musicians, finally playing in sync with the composer's design.
One of the most common spiritual complaints is that "I can't hear God." God, however, makes his voice constantly available through his Word.
When we first start to read the Scriptures, God's Word is just words -- some wise, some wonderful, some strange and challenging. But just words.
However, as we keep practicing with this instrument, called scripture, our soul will begin to train itself to vibrate in harmony with God's Word. And then his voice -- not just words, but his call and directions and love song -- will begin to vibrate like sound waves in our ears. We'll know his plan and purposes and design, and we'll hear his voice. 
And soon, like a senior in the band, we'll begin to play our lives in sync with the composer's design.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who want to play the instrument of life
in harmony with The Composer

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