Monday, August 09, 2010

Knowing God - Exodus 6:1

(from Pastor)

because of my mighty hand
[Pharaoh] will drive them out of his country
Exodus 6:1
Today my son, Robbie, turns 15.
Today, we go to get his driving permit.
Therefore -- and just out of curiosity -- I looked up the word "drive" in the scripture, and in the translation I used, the first place it occurs is Exodus 6:1.
And here's what we need to know ... The Exodus began with God's driving.
Let's make that more generic and more specific: Freedom begins with God's action. God is the actor, the initiator, the one behind the wheel. We talked a few days ago about following the leader ... well, when we're a passenger in a car -- remember that as a kid? -- we have no option but going where the driver takes us.
What if we bent our hearts more fully to God's control and God's leading? What if we gave him the steering wheel in our life? What if God was not the co-pilot in our life, but the pilot himself?
In Christ's Love,
a father who needs your prayers
(another kid is driving)

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