Sunday, November 14, 2010

Helpless Mom

Today my 7yo was an acolyte for the first time.  He looked so handsome in his robes! I was so nervous for him.  When he walked up to light the candles, his depth perception (or lack there of) was evident!  One of the amazing youth was on hand to help him light the candles.  And I am so very thankful!

At the end of the service he went up to relight the stick and put out the candles.  Oh what a nervous Mommy I was!!!  We sang the final hymn and he still hadn't gotten the wick lit.  He wasn't able to judge the distance.  The entire church was silent.  Thankfully the pianist started playing until he completed his task.  I was praying and near tears.  Praying for someone to go help him. And clinging to the pew. Trying to send mind messages to a certain person to go help him. I think I may have been holding my breath too!!  I was completely helpless.  My boy was struggling and there was nothing. I. could. do!!!!

FINALLY he got it lit, the candles snuffed and as he was walking out, the church burst into applause! For my amazing boy!!!

How often do we struggle at something in life and God is just watching? waiting? knowing we can do it, yet not offering any help? Making us struggle and fight on our own until we accomplish the task?  I was so proud of my boy for not getting frustrated. not giving up. Is our heavenly father as proud of us when we don't give up or get frustrated, but stick with what we know he wants us to do?

One big difference - God is never helpless when we are struggling.  He is just sitting there ... watching ... waiting.



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