Thursday, May 19, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Psalm 72:6

May the king's rule be refreshing
like spring rain on freshly cut grass.
Psalm 72:6
When was the last time that an American President's rule was refreshing?!
Most have some ups. All have some downs -- wars and scandals. But have we ever gotten to the end and just said, "Ahhh! What a glorious four years!"?
Here's the biggest problem with rulers: Nations continually hang their collective fate on the shoulders of their president or king. If he chooses to make war, the whole nation suffers through war. If she mismanages the economy, the whole nation suffers through the recession. If he chooses a dubious moral agenda, it may be decades before the ship of state is righted.
Psalm 72 is prayer for the ideal king. Might we pray that all our leaders seek godly guidance, and may be the poor be rescued (v 12), may the crops be abundant (v 16), may his reign be refreshing (v 6), and "may all the godly flourish"!
In Christ's Love,
a political junkie
(not because I like the drama,
but because I need to know
who and what to pray for!)
A rule as refreshing as spring rain on freshly cut grass?

That will only happen when we are in heaven worshiping under the throne of God.
(But I am enjoying the spring weather and the smells that go with it!)

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