Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Numbers 8:1 - 10:36

Setting up the lamps ... Are they creating the original Lantern Waste?

The Levites were cleansed, purified and blessed and told that only those men 25-50 years old are to work. 
Passover was celebrated on the 14th day of the first month. Is that still when it is celebrated according to the Jewish calendar? 

9:23 "They obeyed the Lord's order."  The Israelites didn't know from day to day what was going on.  Were they staying put? Were they moving again.  Only the cloud was an indicator.  Personally - that would drive me batty!  I like to know what is on the schedule.  But they were faithful and obeyed.  I pray I can be as obedient and, dare I say it, patient for God's timing.

Trumpets are to be sounded for going out, meeting, rejoicing, battle, basically almost any major event. 



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