Tuesday, March 16, 2010


One of my favorite books is The Phantom Tollbooth.  My favorite scene was when the main character, Milo, is in a room filled with card catalogs.  (Like libraries used to have!)  These catalogs had a file for every word ever uttered.  Milo takes one and keeps it in his closed mouth.  At the appropriate time he whispers the word he stole and chaos ensues. [at least that's the way I remember it - it has been a while since I read it - but I was impressed with the power of a simple whispered word.]

Words have power.  Especially when uttered outloud.  Once free, the words are able to bounce around and shift and change and become real. If something is known yet unsaid, then it can be denied. and hidden. and lied about.  You can think something, but until you say it out loud [or write it down] - even when alone, it has no real power.

In the Beth Moore study I am doing, she has talked often about praying out loud - even alone to give more credibility to your words. more power.  On the other hand ... some words don't need more power. more credibility.  Sometimes it is better to leave them in your head.

... But ...

today I ignored my own gut. my own instinct.  I lowered defenses and regret it.  Words I wish I could retract. So I can keep ignoring them. Lying to myself. Denying the truth of them.  Now, because of those words being free, I have to make a decision.

  1. To choose to do what I know and believe to be right. OR 
  2. To keep doing what I am doing and act like I never said what I said, admitted the truth of the matter, the truth of the actions [or lack of actions] OR 
  3. To choose to do what I know is the wrong choice ... but at times is the most appealing.  

I'd like to say that from now on I'll be keeping my mouth shut, but I know better.  There are times when I say something - especially to certain people - and then realize what I have said.  It's like God was pulling strings to control the words and I have no power over the flow of them.  

If only it wasn't said outloud...



Anonymous Lori said...

True that words in our minds gain power when spoken. However, I also believe that some words/thoughts have a way of losing their power when spoken, especailly those that may be destructive and destorted. Though hearing them hanging in the air at first can make them seem overwhleming and bigger than life, they can be heard and dealt with in a more truthful way. Especially in the presence of another. Just a thought.

Mar 17, 2010, 10:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You surely didn't like it ... put you finally picked up a sword!

Satan and untruth and pain dwell in deep darkness. They major in secrets. And something powerful happens when we bring the truth into the light. Suddenly ... healing begins.

Like surgery, the initial stab of healing may hurt. And I'm certain that that's what you're feeling now. Saying it outloud was like a stabbing knife with way too little anesthesia.

And it hurts.

And burns. And festers. And irritates. And infuriates.

Your kicking yourself because it's like the old B-movie vampires being exposed to the light. There's a scream and anguish. But finally light and hope can prevail again.

Now ... you can be mad at me. I'm the vampire slayer who accidentally coaxed the pain into the light. But you've said it aloud. Now you have a sword. It will be a battle. But light can again prevail.

Mar 17, 2010, 10:29:00 PM  

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