Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Knowing God - Exodus 34:2-3

(from Pastor)

Be ready in the morning
and come up ... to the top of the mount
... [and] present yourself to me.
Exodus 34:2-3
I've been learning lately about the pattern of Jesus' life. His typical day seemed to work like this: He'd spend the morning with God (up) ... the afternoon in ministry (out) ... and the evening with his family, the disciples (in).
Up, in, and out. It's the combination of all three that bring balance to life. But it all starts with the up.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's not a morning person
... but wants to meet God on the mountain
(i.e. a guy who's constantly in conflict
-- may morning trump mourning)
It's the triangle.... up, out, in

I am reading a book called The Vertical Self by Mark Sayers.  It talks about the fact that we need to look up to God more - vertically - versus the horizontal way we look - comparing ourselves to others, try to define ourselves by the world.  Guess if we present ourselves to God in the morning, that will help keep our focus on him.  
However, the only reason I am up at this time of the morning is because I have a child to get on a bus at 6:40am.  I have been using the time to read the bible and pray.  Guess God can use a night owl at the crack of dawn ... however groggy they are. 

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