Thursday, June 24, 2010

Knowing God - John 3:35

(from Pastor)

The Father loves the Son and
has placed all things in his hands.
John 3:35
My father is a man of many talents.
For example, he can fix anything! Over the years, I've seen him craft things with wood, fix car engines, plumb a bathroom, and wire corners of the house.
And when I was little his hands seemed so very big and strong.
Now, I'm an adult and he's supposed to be retired. His hands are still stronger and more capable than mine!
Imagine being Jesus. How big must his Father's hands have seen. My skilled father couldn't spin a basketball on his finger; God the Father could spin galaxies on his pinky toe.
As I grew in year, my father, though, gave me a gift: He entrusted more and more to me. God the Father gave Jesus a gift: "He placed all things in his hands."
If you want to know the Father better ... take a closer look at Jesus.
In Christ's Love,
a very thankful son
(P.S. I've got two great dads)
The father trusted his son.  God trusted Jesus.  I wish my father on earth trusted me. had faith in me. was proud of me.  But God, thankfully can do all that for me.  He takes care of us like no other. And sent Jesus to experience life on earth to know what we go through and more ... He does love us.

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