Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knowing God - Matthew 13:14

(from Pastor)

And all ate and were filled;
and they took up what was left over
of the broken pieces, twelve baskets full.
Matthew 13:14
Wouldn't it have been miracle enough to have fed five thousand people with no leftovers? That would have been enuogh, right? But as each disciple distributed a basket-full of fish and chips, it kept getting heavier instead of lighter.
That's God! That's his extravagant grace!
Last week our mission team worked on two houses right across the street from one another. We put new decks on each house. And that would have been enough, wouldn't it?
But on Saturday, our children came.
They sang a song. They shared a Bible verse. Their energy was contagious. And they gave the homeowners a few potted plants.
As we left those sites, the new decks would have been enough ... but hanging from the rafters were these beautiful flowering plants. Symbols of extravagant grace -- more than we ask for, more than we have a right to expect.
How has God splashed flowers, children, color, and extravagant grace into your life?
In Christ's Love
a guy who's been richly blessed
(and needs to remember to say thank you)
I was recently at the NOAH conference in DC. As a member of the board of directors, one of my duties was the raffle and silent auction.  I am not a salesperson nor am I a fundraiser.  I was terrified the auction was going to flop horribly.  I was scared I wouldn't get enough donations, make enough money or get enough bids.  My goal was $1500 and 100 items.  On Thursday there were only about 30 items to put up for auction.  On Saturday - we had 119 items plus 3 special raffle items!  We ended up raising over $3500 on the silent auction alone!! And another almost $4000 on raffles.  

We - no - God!  This was so far over anything I ever imagined.  My own personal loaves and fishes ... 

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