Saturday, July 17, 2010

Knowing God - 1 Timothy 4:4

(from Pastor) [originally typed 'from God' - pretty fitting as you'll find out!]

For everything created
by God is good ...
1 Timothy 4:4
A friend encountered another friend just the other day. The second guy was complaining about life. It was a bad day. He said, "If God is good, how come there's so much mess in this world."
The friend said, "I'll grant you that there's mess. But when we get to the next phase of life -- heaven -- I'll bet we'll look back and see a whole lot more purpose than we can see from this vantage point."
The second guy rolled his eyes. "Pie in the sky."
"Don't believe me?" said the twin. "Imagine we were twins ... in the womb together ... communicating in that weird-twin-way. Can't you imagine one of us complaining, 'Why'd God waste so much energy growing us eyes. It's pitch black in here. We'll never see a thing.'"
Arguing from the perspective of the womb is silly. Why? Because the next world is bigger and grander than anything the baby can yet imagine.
Well, isn't it equally silly to base our whole reality on the perspective of earth when the next world -- heaven -- is so much bigger and grander than anything we can yet imagine.
The alternative is trust. Do I trust me and my earthly logic. Or do I trust the promises of scripture and the blessed assurance that "God is good."
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's been swimming
in amniotic fluid and
wants to move up to the big time
Trust ... I still have issues with that one.


Everything good is from God.  Everything. Even those things we don't particularly like ... broccoli. spiders. snakes. bad drivers. Even people who hurt us. Past events. It is all from God.  And it is all Good.

When some says, "It's all good." They are speaking the truth!

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