Monday, July 12, 2010

Knowing God - Psalm 100:3

(from Pastor)
Know ye that
the Lord he is God:
it is he that hath made us,
and not we ourselves ...
Psalm 100:3
I like the old King James translation of Psalm 100.
More modern translations tend to read something like, "he ... made us, and we are his." Very true ... but the image of Old King James is so much more evocative.
I see a tiny cell deep inside the womb barking out commands. "Placenta, start forming." "Umbilical cord, attach." "Now, everybody hold on. I'm going to pop out another cell." And the baby, one cell big, divides into two cells. "Hold on, we're going to pop out a few more!"
"Now, you two cells, start working on a heart."
"You three, start working on a liver."
"No, no, cell 74, the lungs can wait. We won't need them until were on the outside. Start working on the thyroid glands."
"And ... hey! Cell number 72,593,284, what do you think you're doing?!! We don't need another brain. I'm the brains of this unit."
It sounds ridiculous to picture a fetus creating itself. But what happens when we're born and grow up and gain some ability. Don't we act like we're in charge of our life? We bark out commands and submit to little authority. Freedom comes when we can say, "You made us. Not we ourselves. I trust you -- not me -- to chart the best plan for my life."
In Christ's Love,
a guy who'd better not be
the brains of any unit
(Oh, God, help me trust in you.)
the Lord IS God. HE made us ... not we ourselves.  We had nothing to do with it.  We didn't ask for it. We didn't decide what color our hair, skin and eyes would be.  HE did it.  And we are all unique. Our fingerprints. voices. number of hair on our head.  And HE knows all the little details.  


We don't trust him.  I know I don't.  When you get hurt. When you rely on yourself - however dangerous and misleading yourself is ... it is hard to trust in him.  But that is when it is most crucial to trust him.  If we get too sure of ourselves, we get in trouble.  if we give the orders, we go the wrong way.  God made us and humans have been around a few thousand years so he must know what he's doing.

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