Thursday, July 22, 2010

Knowing God - Matthew 6:19

(from Pastor)

Jesus said,
"Do not store up for yourselves
treasures on earth, where
moth and rust consume and
where thieves break in and steal ..."
Matthew 6:19
Moth and rust and wood-rot.
That's the condition we found a porch in as we started on our mission trip. Trying to remove a first nail, one of the members of our team fell straight through the decking!
Through long days and a lot of sweat, we built a brand new porch. It is hard and solid and stable, and unless there's a great flood, should outlast its 80-year-old owners.
It is a treasure on earth. But is that why the homeowners -- there and across the street -- cried when we left. No. The nails will rust. The decks will rot. The moths and termites will do this handiwork in.
The treasure that will last is the gift of love in a sinful world. For no reason -- other Jesus and his love -- a handful of people, both younger and older, came from Charlotte to West Virginia to show a couple of families that God's kingdom still reigns and love still prevails.
In Christ's Love,
a treasure hunter
(who's found plenty) 
Stuff.  We can't take it with us. It takes up space.  But for some strange reason - 'Gifts' are my love language.  Yet I am tired of all the stuff. Clutter. Things.  But I am also craving the eternal stuff. relationship. trust. love. companionship. Sometimes one does help relay the other.  They don['t have to always be mutually exclusive.

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