Monday, July 26, 2010

knowing God - Psalm 45:6

(from Pastor)
the scepter of Your kingdom
is a scepter of righteousness
Psalm 45:6
Rarely have I seen a verse with so many potential translations.
The more figurative translations talk about the "rule" -- as in, "You will rule your kingdom with fairness" or "by treating everyone fairly." But today, I'm going to stick with a more literal translation and the role of God's "scepter."
You know what a scepter is, right? It's the king's big stick ... but more than that, the scepter was a powerful symbol of authority. In a sense, carrying a big stick meant, "Me and my kingdom can knock you and your kingdom's block off." "Yield to the scepter."
"God has scepter that stands over his kingdom," says this Psalm. And while there's throwing-plants-into-orbit-power behind this scepter, there's something more important that defines God's reign. As the variety of translations render it, it is a leadership based on "righteousness," "fairness," "justice," "uprightness," "honor," "fair treat[ment]," and "equity."  
In Christ's Love,
a guy who'd rather follow
one who was fair
than one who was powerful
I remember seeing the jewel encrusted scepter in London when I saw the crown jewels.  It amazes me that such small items weld so much power ... rings, crowns, scepters.  But God's scepter stands for so much more. As pastor says ... righteousness, fairness, justice, honor, equity.  

What is our scepter? What is the symbol of God's power in our lives? That shows he is our ruler?

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