Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Knowing God - Acts 13:2

(from Pastor)

While they were
worshiping the Lord and fasting,
the Holy Spirit said ...
Acts 13:2
The Holy Spirit breathes in us fruits like love, joy, and peace. He pours in us gifts for ministry and inspires human faith. The Spirit helps us in our weakness and teaches us to pray. The Spirit reveals God’s truth and guides our steps. He is our comforter, counselor, advocate, and he spurs our conscience and draws us closer to God.
Read through that list again, making a mental check-mark by each of the characteristics that you are thankful for or would like more of in your life.
Now read today’s verse again.
When did the Holy Spirit – who gives all these blessings – speak? When? When they were worshiping and fasting.
Guess what I need to do more of. How about you?
In Christ’s Love,
a guy who can’t wait for
my next opportunity to worship!

Fasting has popped into my mind a few times recently.  The first time I fasted was in Montana with a few friends.  We would fast on Fridays then meet for prayer and then dinner.  It was amazing.  Fasting isn't always from food ... once I fasted from radio in the car - when I was driving 4+ hours every weekend.  I know people who have fasted from facebook and other time eaters.  

Maybe to hear the Holy Spirit there needs to be more fasting.  Worship doesn't have to be loud. It can be quiet. silent. Our church is having an old fashioned revival this week and there has been lots of talk about worship during this.  We are going because that is what we do ... I don't really want to go and pretend to worship with upbeat songs.  It feels so fake. 

Maybe I need to fast from 'fake it 'til you make it.' from forcing myself to do things I really do not want to do. from talking, recovery/support groups, counseling, studying. from facebook and blogs.  

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