Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Knowing God - Song of Solomon 4:8

(from Pastor)
Look from the top ...
Song of Solomon 4:8
Much of the Song of Solomon is a love poem, and the context of this whole chapter is expressed in verse 10: "My bride ... your love is so sweet." Therefore, he beckons, "Come up with me ... [to] the top of Mount Amana ... [and] look ... with me."
Look at what? It doesn't really say. Young love is like that! It's often, "Journey with me wherever we're inclined to go, even if all we do is stare off into space in joy and wonder."
Here's the question ... When was the last time you loved God so dreamily that you'd go wherever and stare off dreamily in wonder?
In Christ's Love,
a guy who needs a date night ... with God
I looked in the NIV and it said, "descend from the crest." That urged me to dig some more ...  so I found ... see, come down, descend, look, journey down, leave,  . ... from the top, crest, high mountain hideaway.  

The Strong's definition says that 'look' means  - "to behold, observe to see, behold, observe, regard, to watch, watch (stealthily), lie in wait"

Either way - if God is asking you to look or to come down - he is asking to spend time with him. 

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