Saturday, July 10, 2010

Knowing God - Matthew 28:6

(from Pastor)

"Come and see"
Matthew 28:6
Only six or eight times in scripture -- depending on the translation -- do we hear the words "come and see."
Let me lump them into three broad categories:
When inviting people to discover the power of God. For example, twice in the Psalm we hear, "Come and see the works of the LORD ... Come and see ... how awesome his works [are] in man's behalf!" (Psalm 46:8 and 66:5, respectively).
When inviting people to discover the power of sin and death versus the power of resurrection. For example, we hear "come and see" in two resurrection scenes in the New Testament. One was on Easter Sunday morning, proclaiming the power of the resurrection. The other was at Lazarus' grave. Lazarus' family invited Jesus to "come and see" where they buried him. Though not using the words, Jesus would nevertheless invite them to "come and see" a power mightier than death.
When inviting people to discover the power of a faith relationship with Jesus. For example, both Philip (John 1:46) and the Woman at the Well (John 4:29) invited friends into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by saying, "Come and see." But I want to maintain that this is really the greatest power of all three ... 
Yes, it's good to discover the earth-fashioning power of Jesus Christ.
And yes, it's a blessing to comprehend the death conquering power of the resurrection.
But the ultimate power in the universe is a relationship with Jesus Christ! Creation took "seven days." Resurrection happens "in a moment and a twinkling of an eye." A relationship with Jesus Christ is the purpose of life and lasts forever.
That's what we really need to come and see.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who wants stronger glasses!
With two visually impaired children, 'Come and see' takes on a whole new meaning!  They ask us to come and see what they are looking at - when we can see it from across the room.  We ask them to come and see something we think they would like and they either can't see it, or have to get 2 inches away from it.  Come and see.  There are times we don't see what is right there in front of us ... other times we look too closely and miss the whole picture.  Jesus invited to come and see the big picture - it is right there in front of us if we would only look.

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