Thursday, July 08, 2010

Knowing God - Philippians 3:3

(from Pastor)

For it is we ...
who worship in the Spirit of God
Philippians 3:3
In this chapter, the Apostle Paul repeatedly contrasts "spirit" and "flesh."
Over the years, this has led many to call the flesh evil. But who made flesh? God. Indeed, we are made in his image. Now, I'm not saying that God has flesh. I'm just saying that let's not take this image too far.
"Flesh," as I understand it, is primarily referring to the part of us that points down, while "spirit" refers to the part that points up. Earth-ward and sinful versus heaven-ward and trying to overcome.
I bring this up because in John 4, Jesus say, "21 the hour is coming when you will worship ... 24 in spirit and truth." 
The question is this: How many of us worship in a fleshly, worldly, me-focused kind of way? How many of us ever debate with ourselves on Sunday morning about whether we "feel" like going to church on Sunday morning? How many of us look at our watches in church instead of looking more desperately for God?
The flesh is not evil, but God wants to, nevertheless, lift us beyond it. God wants to teach us to "worship in the Spirit of God."
In Christ's Love,
a guy who regularly debates
whether he feels like
going to church on Sunday
(just kidding ...
a guy who really hungers
 for more Spirit-filled worship)
I look forward to going to church ... most weeks.  I have trouble really worshipping because of the two little fleshly beings who are wiggling and squirming and aggravating each other and talking and being kids next to me.  Recently I went by myself to church - it was wonderful.


those little beings need to participate in worship - even inactively - they need to watch us as adults worship in the spirit of God. To ignore the flesh ... to go to church anyway.  When we'd rather stay in bed.  when we want to go to the pool. when we just plain don't feel like it ... I long for the day when they truly worship God with us.

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