Friday, July 02, 2010

Knowing God - Luke 2:19

(from Pastor)

Personal Note:
Yesterday we dropped our son Jay
off at the academy. I don't write to him today
(because he's in boot camp and can't read this anyway).
Therefore, I write to my beloved wife,
Mary Louise.
Mary treasured up all these things
and pondered them in her heart.
Luke 2:19
Well, dear ... we're on a new part of our journey now. We've got a boy in the Navy.
You did a great job with Jay. You loved him. You challenged him. You held his feet to the fire. You introduced him to God. And since you treasured him in your heart, today's drive back from Maryland hurts a little, doesn't it? (I know that well.)
For those who are reading this, Mary Louise deserves at least 94% of the credit for who Jay (and all of our boys) are.
My 6% is mainly that I didn't mess it up!
Actually, I should really change those figures. God deserves 98% of the credit, and we were just given the awesome privilege to come alongside these three young men, to accept God's mantle and shepherd them through this part of their journey. (Indeed, we both need to pause and thank our own parents for introducing us to the one whose hand was really guiding all of this.) 
Anyway, dear ... I am certain that as we ponder all these things, we will absolutely treasure them in our hearts -- including all of the friends and mentors who came alongside Jay and us at Spirit of Joy!
These were great years, great blessings! 
Now, I urge you ... and me ... and all who are reading this and face transitions in your own lives .. to accept the commission given to Joshua, to Israel, and to Jay in yesterday's devotion: "Go  ...and take possession of the land the Lord your God has given you [to possess] ... for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." (Josh 1:11,9).
Dear, I don't know where our life will take us next, but since I know that God has been with us in the past, I know he'll be with us in the future!
  • Therefore, I look forward to this journey with you ... and with God by our side.
  • I look forward to spending four years with Robbie -- more time one-on-one with this younger son (or two-on-one, Mary Louise, if you'll help me gang up on this giant).
  • I'll miss Jay, but do you know what? I'm also really looking forward to seeing Jay's adventures and how God will use this young man.
  • I also look forward to Paul's faith and adventures too.
God is good. Thank you, Lord!
In Christ's Love,
a guy who's blessed
(not because of my circumstances ...
but because of the one who's promised me
an eternal future ... with him!)
And we are blessed at SOJ to have such a pastor as this.  Both of them are great examples to parents of younger children and I am honored to be friends with them.  (And Jay isn't doing too shabby either - he's already posted on facebook today!)

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