Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Convo with Pastor - Proverbs 16:2

All one's ways may
be pure in one's own eyes,
but the Lord weighs the spirit.
Proverbs 16:2
I'm sure -- just like me -- that you have NEVER justified an action ... right?
Here are the top 3 ways we tend to justify our actions ...
  1. It's not that bad.
  2. Everyone's doing it.
  3. God just wants me to be happy. Therefore, it's okay.
I wonder what my spirit weighs whenever I try to dust off one of those excuses and use it again. (Heck, sometimes, those excuses are so well-used that I don't even have to dust them off.)
God is all-knowing, all-seeing. Just because no human sees your actions, doesn't mean that they're not seen. Passages like this always convict me: My standard needs to be in his eyes ... not mine.
In Christ's Love,
a guy who wants to return to the Gold Standard --
His (gold) ... not mine (dust bunnies and lint)
Do we really want God to weigh our spirits? I know right now, I sure don't.  My current conviction is in regards to true, complete obedience. But I like to think the way I have been going is the right one. I have worked so hard the past few months and have made so much progress.  Yet ... something isn't right. And the past couple of days I have been hearing, obey, trust, rest in God ... over and over and over.  Obey. Trust. Rest.

[How I know it is from God and not a lie trying to trick me? What if I mess this up too?]

[I am scared.]

[I know there are different kinds of rest and that God wants me to rest in him so he can work through me, but I don't really know how to rest.]

Oh God - please don't weigh my spirit. Instead help me to clearly know your will for my life.

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